Soul Friends

– by Becky Mason –  It was an auspicious day indeed when in 1947 my Dad, Bill Mason met Wilber Sutherland for the first time. Neither of them could know at the time that the Inter Sch... Read More

Fire in the Bones

In his 1996 book Fire in the Bones, James Raffan takes up the story of Bill Mason. He takes you on a journey into the landscapes that fed his imagination and nurtured his faith. The title is taken... Read More

Looking Back

It has been forty years since the issuing of the charter of Imago, on November 1, 1972. The water that first flowed under that bridge has long reached lake and ocean, but the stream is still f... Read More

Imago on the Crawl

A year ago this past April, John Franklin of Imago partnered with a number of artists, and educators from the Hamilton area to stage the first exhibition evening of its kind, smack dab in the midd... Read More