The Scandal of Holiness

The Scandal of Holiness: Renewing your Imagination in the Company of Literary Saints Jessica Hooten Wilson, Brazos Press, 2022 (208 pp) The invitation of good literature is to surrender ourselves to a... Read More

God and Wonder

Jeffrey W. Barbeau & Emily Hunter McGowin, editors. Cascade Books, 2022. 202 pp The editors are theology professors at Wheaton College and this collection of essays consists of papers from the fin... Read More


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Working at an intersection carries its risks and dangers. The intersection at which I am engaged is where art and faith meet. It will be no surprise if I tell you that these two deeply human realities... Read More

Pandemic Pages

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The changing patterns of life have in recent days opened up – for many of us – new possibilities for how we employ our time. With less written in our calendars and more time at home we are drawn b... Read More

Original Prin

You have to love something to satirize it well and we are lucky that Randy Boyagoda loves a lot of things: family life, the Catholic Church, multi-cultural Toronto, university teaching and… pickle b... Read More

Being Human

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In our time the question of what it means to be human is under close scrutiny. This is partly because of the development of AI and the extraordinary advances in technology on this front. We now speak ... Read More

The Self Portrait

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The self-portrait is a well-established tradition in Western art. Though it flourished in the Renaissance an age when the individual was a focus of attention it didn’t begin there. The self-portrait... Read More