Jeffrey W. Barbeau & Emily Hunter McGowin, editors.
Cascade Books, 2022. 202 pp

The editors are theology professors at Wheaton College and this collection of essays consists of papers from the final Wheaton Theology conference. For 30 years this conference sustained fruitful discussions of important themes in theology seeking to connect  reflection and practice. Believing that the topic of “wonder” would be a fitting conclusion to the work of three decades they have gathered an impressive collection of papers that explore the deeply human inclination to wonder.

After McGowin’s opening essay on wonder and theology the book is divided into four sections: Wonder and Method—where imagination is a major theme, Wonder and Creation, Wonder and Wisdom and Wonder and the Church. The arts get favoured attention and there is a freshness in these essays that will inspire the reader as well as deepen a sense of what it means to be human in God’s good world.