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Works of art are embodied meaning” – Arthur Danto


 “Art is no fringe attached to the garment, and no amusement that is added to life, but a most serious power in our present existence” –  Abraham Kuyper

Since its beginning in 1972 Imago has engaged in advocacy for the arts, addressed social issues and promoted science/religion dialogue.  The founder Wilber Sutherland embodied a vision that called for reflection and action on a wide range of topics relevant to the cultural life of Canada.

In the fall of 1997 Imago turned its attention particularly to the arts and today it continues to carry the vision of promoting and advocating for the arts in Canada.

Our mandate is to affirm the artistic gift and to encourage and facilitate creative initiatives in the arts that will make a positive contribution to the Canadian cultural landscape. It is our intent to promote high calibre artistic work across the spectrum of visual, written and performing arts.

In addition to the projects we oversee, Imago is committed to promote unique artistic events, partner with others to sponsor lectures by outstanding artists and scholars and bring together artists and audiences, highlighting the work of emerging and established Canadian artists.  The Executive Director regularly acts as a consultant for organizations, educational institutions and individuals for visioning, programming and performance.

Art serves as a humanizing presence a role that has been under appreciated in our culture. Given the current state of affairs in our global community it should be evident that the presence of art is critical as a resource for bridging our differences and offering some threads of hope in the deeply troubling situations we face. An ambivalence concerning the arts remains as we live in a society where technology and the pressures of a consumerist agenda shape our thinking, devour our time and often leave us less imaginative than we might otherwise be.  The arts bring not only delight but also a thread of hope and a glimpse into what might be.  These qualities are consistent with the Judeo – Christian values which ground the work of Imago.  Central to all that Imago does is the practice of hospitality.

Art is characterized by a spirit of invitation – an offer to enter into another time and place to take delight, to discover, to see in a new way and sometimes to be changed.  Imago is committed to facilitating opportunities to engage the imagination and open heart and mind to fresh understanding.  We aim to do this by participating with artists and those interested in the arts to encourage a thoughtful and practical program of support for the arts in Canada.

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Imago is a registered charity and its operation depends on the support of individuals and foundations that carry a vision for the arts.  All projects that are part of Imago have the advantage of charitable status.

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