Delamont helped me know and hear the basics of music, and then he opened my world to extended tonality, arranging, counterpoint and twelve tone music. He changed my life and had this way of scaring you into doing your work diligently and with integrity, it was like he was saying, you wouldn’t come to a recording session unprepared, so don’t come to my teaching session unprepared.

Twenty eight years ago I recorded my first television theme for One Hundred Huntley Street. I then composed and produced over fifty songs for Circle Square television and continued to find work recording documentaries, corporate gigs and commercials.

I’m really fortunate because I’ve worked with some of the best musicians around the globe and it has allowed me to write some of my best music. Piano has always been my instrument but I did some formal study on alto saxophone and started singing in 1985. In 1987 I started the task of making music for myself by writing songs and instrumentals in various genres, while continuing to work for clients. My commitment at the present time is to musical composition and developing community through this language that I feel very strongly about. I’ve now completed my new instrumental CD entitled, Inside of Me and I enjoy teaching and composing music.


Carl Merenick – Hymns & Meditations (solo piano) Carl Merenick – What Nex? – New Age Instrumental Helen Suk Lows- Fall On The Stone Pat Russell – I Trust You Phil Manning – Rock This Boat Carl Merenick/Romeo Ciolfi – Dignity – See It Through Debbie Aello – Surrender My Heart


Circle Square Television Teen Challenge – Documentary TV Special Christian Blind Mission International


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