Artist Tina Newlove has had work in over 70 juried exhibitions.

With the painting, stitching and assembling I have been doing for “Protection”, I am seeking to nail down the past. The antique photo albums, filled with paintings and poetry and musings, are like dairies where I can record feelings and memories – a daily meditation. The works wrestle with a need to express and explore my subconscious as well as with the desire to hide those same things – to confess and clear the air or to lock them away.

I have been searching, finding and protecting. I cradle my thoughts in little hideaways or secret drawers, in history and poetry. The violations of privacy and overprotection in society are of concern to me.

In the larger works, I continue to explore the vulnerability of the individual in both city and intimate home-life situations. “Protection”, her first solo show at a public gallery, she says contains secrets, protests and declarations.