(Piquant Editions 2007) A newly published book featuring the visual art work of Dutch artist Anneke Kaai. It brings together in a single volume four previously published books. For the past several years Anneke has been painting in response to biblical passages and theological themes.

Her books are collaborations between word and image, where the text is either scripture from the Message by Eugene Peterson or text written by Peterson on theological themes. In this volume abstract images accompany words on Creation, the Ten Commandments, the Apostle’s Creed and the Apocalypse. Her work is characterized by strong colour and is emotionally provocative. Imago was pleased to host an evening with Anneke Kaai when she visited Toronto this past February.

At that gathering we had the opportunity to hear Anneke speak about her work and the process for creating these paintings inspired by biblical themes. Eugene Peterson writes, “Especially when a word goes flat through repetition and familiarity, image brings the imagination into play and sharpens our awareness of the participation in the word and the Word-made-flesh”.