– Marilyn Chandler McEntyre –
Eerdmans, 2009, pp 234.

Language serves to bind us into human community as it carries and communicates our values and beliefs. When those values and beliefs shift and change so does our language. There are plenty of signs of change – and our language appears to be in trouble. This little book provides an astute diagnosis and opens up a host of ways for us to preserve and strengthen our language. Written with a keen interest in how language carries our stories – including the story of faith, the author sounds a clear call for us to discern how language is being depleted through media and technology.

The heart of the book is to call us back to the rich resource we have in language, its capacity for beauty, for expressing our loves and our hopes, for carrying our stories, bringing us joy and enjoyment, the vehicle for prayer, play and poetry. Every reader of this work will be encouraged, inspired and better informed about the unique gift of language that shapes our lives.