Greenhouse Blues by Peter Reitsma.

As an artist I imagine hope in the face of disaster. I would like to picture the land speak of the healing creator by pointing at economic injustice. The metallic skeletal remains (As the deer pants for streams of water, Ps.41:2) is frozen in a position of need and supplication on a melting ice floe.

Humanity is altering the landscape. It is now well known that the survival of the caribou in the north is threatened by encroaching oil development and related global warming. Is it possible to give the land a voice? What would we hear and see? I believe, as Victor Burgin put it,

“Looking is not indifferent. There can never be any question of ‘just looking.’” I see my role as artist to challenge indifference by pointing at the complex truth of a situation through whatever means available, culturally specific metaphors, allusions, references or anything from the sheer weight of collective consciousness.- Peter Reitsma,