storyteller apprenticesThe ‘Storyteller Apprentices,’ is an arts focused program that seeks to enrich the lives of children between the ages of 9 and 13 by inspiring self-confidence, positive character development and empathy through the art of storytelling.  
It is based on a 12-session curriculum that we have developed where children interact with the rich creative and character building content of classic folktales from around the world. These interactions include:
  • Participating in live storytelling performances
  • Learning about the history of stories and the tradition of storytelling
  • Exploring the ‘big ideas’ contained in classic folktales and fables
  • Using stories as a means to explore art and music
  • Sharing creativity and personal stories through use of online media technology.

The goals of the program are to improve the lives of children, improve school performance and to create a more compassionate, inclusive and literate society:

  • By facilitating self knowledge, awareness and acceptance of others through explorations of the creative and character building content found in multicultural folktales.
  • By teaching children how to discover and develop their own voice, enabling them to tell their own stories.

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