Jason Hildebrand

Jason Hildebrand is a professional actor, award-winning filmmaker, and communication coach. He has performed in theatre, film and television, and continues to tour the globe with his acclaimed solo pe... Read More

Sharon Tiessen

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I work in a variety of mediums: paint, encaustic, print, ceramic, glass, jewelery, refuse, mixed, toilet seats… My work is organized by media and themes. And nearly everything has a story behind it-... Read More

Small Gate

“Identity,innovation,truth pioneer, spiritual, justice, community, intentional, creative, family, committed. Smallgate artists are visual, musical, theatrical, entrepreneurial people determined ... Read More

Green Ink

Dennis Hassell – Writer – Toronto – Ontario Ink is what every writer must have to write. Green is the colour of money. The Green Ink project is about affording writer Dennis Hassell ... Read More

Pilgrim A Musical

Suzanne Rutherford – Muskoka,Ontario — This project wishes to develop a workshop edition of a musical which it is hope will get the attention of mainstream producers. It has already receiv... Read More