Friday November 2, 2012 at 7:30pm
Glenn Gould Studio, 250 Front Street West, Toronto


Laila Biali – all that jazz • Trevor Dick – voice of the violin • Adam Luther and Laura Albino accompanied by Anne Larlee – a touch of Opera • James & Cynthia Croker and Jack Langenhuizen • Motus O Dance Theatre – gotta dance! • Joycelin  Ng – a little classic piano • Kevin Ramessar – strains of the guitar • Calvin Seerveld – thoughts for heart and soul • Brad Woods – a story to be told


Hosted by Executive Director John Franklin


Reception to follow

3 thoughts on “Imago Presents – A 40th Anniversary Celebration Event”

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  2. And what an amazing night it was! I’m hoping the video shown Friday night will soon be available on this website. Everyone interested in the arts should see it.

    D.S. Martin

  3. That’s the way it’s done!! IMAGO’s 40th was a full-on immersion for the senses,mind and soul. Kudos to the sponsors and organizers for treating us to the iconic space that is the Glenn Gould Studio, and to the presenting artists who served up their jaw-dropping best. From Cal Seerveld’s finely phrased and heartfelt address, to Motus O making us howl with glee and then weep with sweet searing insight, jazz pianist Laila Biali’s joy and warmth with k.d. lang, a recent Leonard Cohen song and her trademark piece Radiance, my brain continues to sing with a thousand new delights. Kevin Ramasaar and Trevor Dick, how many angels can dance on your ten strings – ’cause I swear I heard them all. Huge thanks to John and Marion Franklin for leading and feasting us through the last decade and a half, to the most gracious accountant Robert Schiedel, to the very witty chair Elizabeth Downie and her board of directors, and to superb pianist Jocelyn Ng for anchoring the Vancouver Arts Network. Wonderful to greet friends in the crush for Marion’s stupendous repast, gorgeous art on every side. I brought a 15 year old artist with me that night. I second Kim’s Convenience playwright Ins Choi’s wish for IMAGO: may it get younger every year!

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