This project is part of a series that has taken place in London England, Washington DC, New York City and in Amsterdam in 2019.

The Toronto version has been initiated by IMAGO now in its 48th year serving church and culture at the interface of art and faith. The public will be invited to visit distinctive art works created specifically to capture the
meaning of the Scriptural Stations of the Cross* in uniquely relevant expressions for our current urban context.

Station-8 Leni Diner Dothan – Dead End 2017

We will invite artists to create works for the fourteen Stations of the Cross as well as Triumphal Entry and Resurrection. Multiple venues – religious and civic – will allow the public to make a “pilgrimage” to the stations. In addition to the visual art we will initiate events that include music, poetry, drama, dance and film. As part of the project we will host panel discussions, lectures and conversations that will explore applications of the Good Friday
biblical narrative to urban social issues – all providing a unique opportunity for religious presence that speaks into the realities of a secular urban context through the arts.

Our theme is CROSSINGS. Its meaning echoes with “Toronto” – Huron for meeting place, and captures our city’s identity as an intersection of ethnicities, cultures, races, religions and ideas. It also alludes to the possibility for spiritual encounter through the narrative of Good Friday.

We will be encouraging our local audiences to connect the Good Friday story with important themes of social justice, including poverty, racism, refugees, environment and ethnic and religious diversity. Each contemporary issue will be engaged through the arts to increase awareness, bring healing to our brokenness, a bridge over our divisions and compassion to our actions.

This project will generate ecumenical participation among diverse religious communities including; at least twenty downtown churches, eight seminaries and twelve Christian organizations all focused to bring the Good Friday story to unique public expression through the arts.

Station 9 – ​Jesus falls the third time.
G. Roland Biermann
, Stations, 2016

We are grateful for the opportunity to take on this initiative which we believe will be good for the city and good for the arts community. Our hope is to gain the backing of a wide community of friends and supporters to assist us in realizing this ambitious project. We are looking to raise $200,000 to support this project with a significant portion of these funds going to the participating artists.

At this time we see before us a steep hill to negotiate but have full confidence that we can gain the momentum needed to get us to our goal of generating a unique exhibit and providing settings for transforming conversations that relate to this iconic story and its wide and deep implications for the world in which we live.

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