Crossings is part of a series of exhibitions that have taken place in London England, Washington DC, New York City and Amsterdam. The Toronto exhibition is scheduled for March 2 – April 14, 2022, the time in the church calendar known as Lent.

This project has been initiated by IMAGO, now in its 49th year serving church and culture at the interface of faith and art. Crossings will be an all – outdoor exhibition available free for the public to visit. The artworks are being done by sixteen Canadian artists in response to the Scriptural Stations of the Cross and will be uniquely relevant expressions capturing both the Passion narrative and its implications for our world.

The title Crossings aligns with “Toronto” – Huron for “meeting place”, and fits with our city’s identity as an intersection of ethnicities, cultures, races, religions and ideas. It also alludes to the possibility for spiritual encounter through engagement with the Passion story.

The locations selected for the art will allow the public to make a “pilgrimage” to the Stations. There will be eleven located on or near the University of Toronto campus and five at churches in the Yonge and St. Clair area of the city. The Passion narrative is a deeply human story. It touches on matters all too familiar in our contemporary world: unjust judgement, betrayal and fear, destructive exercise of power, violence and suffering. Our desire is that the story and the art together will generate conversations that will explore their relevance for both personal and social change. It’s an unsettling story as it unmasks the dark side of our humanity, though at its heart it’s a narrative with a vision of hope that is grounded in redemptive love.

Crossings also provides a unique occasion for ecumenical participation among diverse faith communities who share belief in the importance of the Passion story.

We are grateful for the opportunity to take on this initiative which we believe will be good for the city, the church and the arts community. The size of the project requires that we gain the backing of a wide community of friends and supporters to assist us in bringing this iconic story to life in an urban context. The budget for this project is $400,000 and as of November 2021 we have yet to raise $115.000 for this unique event. Any support you may provide will be greatly appreciated and a charitable receipt will be issued. Donations can be made at this website (please note the gift is for Crossings) and also on the Crossings website

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