Artist – Betty Spackman

‘A CREATURE CHRONICLE’  (a work in process) consists of 15 double-sided wood panels placed on adjoining bases to form an open circle.
The circular form of the construction creates different interior and exterior viewing experiences and references circles of conversation in various cultural contexts; gathering in the hut or around the fire or around the table to tell stories or to celebrate life events. The heart of the project is in fact about story and conversation; conversations between science and faith in particular, with art as a mediator and visual language as a tool for describing ideas and ideologies – in this case, theories of creation and evolution related to posthumanism. 
Betty has a background in animation and have taught visual storytelling. Her interest in visual storytelling underlines this new work combining, comparing and conflating what are often thought as conflicting narratives. Presented as a kind of non-linear storyboard to be walked around and into in order to be ‘read’, contemplated, and discussed, it is meant to function as a catalyst for dialogue as the viewers create their own ‘story’ from the images they see.
The installation will be accompanied by a catalogue she is designing consisting of a foldout replica of the panels and a documentation of references and symbols used in each. The catalogue can be printed on demand.