Bramwell Ryan, Editor

In the medieval world a Book of Hours was intended to assist the faithful in daily worship and prayers. It was typical for these early works – published long before the advent of the printing press – to be richly illustrated and hand written. Saint Benedict’s Table a faith community in downtown Winnipeg, has taken up this ancient tradition and produced an artful and attractive modern version of a Book of Hours. The work was published to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the establishment of this congregation within the Anglican Diocese of Rupert’s Land. But it celebrates much more than an anniversary.

This lavishly illustrated work celebrates the rich artistic giftedness of the community engaging poetry, song writing, visual art, photography, stained glass and the power of story brought together to serve as entry points into the rhythms of prayer and worship. Following the church calendar from Advent through Epiphany, Lent, Pentecost and Ordinary Time the reader is offered image and word – the latter done in a handwritten script. For each of the seasons of the church calendar the sevenfold cycle of monastic prayers provides a resource for personal meditation and prayer. The book then is also a celebration of the gospel and an invitation to the practice of personal prayer and worship. It includes a CD with original music. The book can be obtained through Saint Benedict’s Table