Transforming Culture

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There is a freeing power in creative gestures like song and we are met in surprising ways. Song, poetry, image, drama, dance and a good story seem to have the power to move us while providing fresh vi... Read More

Film and Faith

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“Signs are afoot that theological exploration into film is giving attention to productions well beyond the Hollywood genre and beyond movies given to explicitly religious themes. If film as an a... Read More

Four Things

“The creative process resonates with this sense that there is more. Art, whether what we create or what we experience, can nurture the human spirit and open us to see things in a fresh way. How ... Read More

On Narrative

The idea of narrative has in recent years found its way into contemporary conversations whether in the classroom or around the dinner table. We are always on the lookout for what will help us to order... Read More

On Spirituality

“…This same understanding of the spiritual , as disembodied, has played havoc among those of more conservative theological persuasion – and resulted in a diminished place for the arts.&#... Read More