Imago Newsletter

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      The latest imago Newsletter Volume 21-2 Previous Volumes: imago Volume 21-1 imago Volume 20-2    imago Volume 20-1 imago Volume 19-1 imago Volume 18-1 imago Volume 17-1 imago Volume... Read More

God’s Mind in that Music

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For well over a decade there has been an increasing momentum on works exploring the links between  theology and the arts. Jazz is one of the themes that continues to show up in these conversation... Read More

Reel Spirituality

Robert K. Johnston, Reel Spirituality: Theology and Film in Dialogue, Baker Academic, 2000, 236 pages.   There have been many books on movies and religion in recent years, but for the most part... Read More


D. S. Martin’s first full book of poetry entitled, Poiema is out. Publishers Wipf & Stock quote Luci Shaw as saying “Each of these poems makes you want to descend to its heart and discover th... Read More