Artist – Sharon Tiessen

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Hope of Glory. Series. Ceramic, recycled glass, found metal inclusions As a visual artist and musician, the arts have been, for me, the main forum for the working through of such questions as faith, i... Read More

As You Like It

“… Though imagination may well open a window to the transcendent it is not the only portal that imagination can take us through.” Time spent with artists and with writings on the art... Read More

Accutane order

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Bramwell Ryan, Editor In the medieval world a Book of Hours was intended to assist the faithful in daily worship and prayers. It was typical for these early works – published long before the advent ... Accutane order

Diovan prices

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Found Wanting: A Multimedia Installation  Regarding Grief and Gratitude As an artist and a storyteller I am caught somewhere between actual, real objects, and the stories connected to them. The bones... Diovan prices